Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Brandon has been working in the insurance industry since 2002. He has lead employers through an ever­changing insurance market as an agent since 2006. His expertise in employee benefits, senior markets, human resource functions, payroll, retirement plans, and the administration of Flex Accounts is second to none.

Brandon is the President of Payday Benefits, which was formerly, Blade Benefit Consulting.   Blade Benefit Consulting was a family-owned organization with experience in the benefits and insurance markets since 1976.  Brandon saw the unique opportunity to partner with like-minded people to bring his vision of stellar service and expertise to a broader market.  When asked about the evolution of Payday Benefits, Brandon stated, “Payday is the natural next step for us.  We are thrilled at the possibility to grow and bring what made Blade so successful to a much larger audience. The future is bright!”

In 2013, Brandon was certified by the National Association of Health Underwriters as an expert on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or Healthcare Reform). With this designation, he can provide sound guidance to employers on the complexities of the reforms. Due to the nature of the law, he audits the course regularly to stay ahead of the changes that would encumber most agents.

Brandon’s background in employee benefits and his expert knowledge of the new regulations, Brandon can employ innovative strategies to reduce costs and increase use while staying in compliance with the ACA law. One way he achieves this is by deploying a range of tools for his clients in the form of online administration, electronic claims submission, virtual client meetings, and a proprietary Human Resource Information System (HRIS) coupled with a back-end payroll integration.

Brandon lives and works in Virginia Beach and holds licenses in many states throughout the east and mid-west. He works with employers of various sizes, from 2 employees up to thousands of employees. As an independent Broker and licensed Consultant, shopping the market with a “Best of Breed” approach is always imperative. By being independent, he holds no bias toward one insurance company and can work in the client’s best interest, not the insurance company’s.

Brandon Beavers

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